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In this era of technological advancements, computerized access control and surveillance systems have become one of the most important resources to organizations. An automated system, access control and circulation control of all personnel authorized entry into a restricted/controlled area will provide greater reliability.

In the restrictive entry form, the user enters an entry control point, shows a unique proximity card through a card reader, inserts a personal identification number (PIN) through a keypad. This data is compared with information stored in a database used to determine if the access request is valid. Circulation control of personnel within discrete controlled areas is provided by software data manipulation based on individual stimulation of entry and exit devices.

Meeting these security challenges head on requires a solutions versatile enough to support wide variety of security needs. It takes an open, flexible system designed to grow as you grow and meet your present, as well as future security needs. A system that gives you information you require to plan for your security requirements efficiently and effectively.

The effective and efficient security is a common problem found in most large business, scientific, engineering and military organizations. This invariably requires development of security systems to control physical access and process and retrieve information effectively and efficiently.

The biggest resource of the Information Age is not money or raw materials –- it is qualified, experienced and knowledgeable people. The primary contribution of modern business is not just a stack of products on shelves -– it is service. That is what CNS means to you: the best people in the business at your service!

Established in 1992, CNS offers a broad range of services in the field of security, time management, wide area networking and specialize and customize solutions. You can get efficient, reliable and affordable service, as and when you want it.

Mission Statement

Develop cost-effective security solutions for clients by having professional long-term relationships with them.